Handmade Jewelry and Painting

Cool Winter Special Edition
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Marrakesh Line 

My Marrakesh Line was inspired by my travels to Marrakesh, Morocco last Spring. It was a place which satisfied all of my senses.  The food, spices, culture and the beautiful bright colors of the far East.  It intoxicates you and makes you think of  far away lands from times not so long ago. Traditional yet, modern.  A blend of old and new in a exotic way. I was thrilled to shop in the markets and run around the small alleys in town, while my shopping adventure came to an end on my last day there, I was fortunate enough to  have found the bead shops as I wonder in an out of alleys.  I could not resist and went from shop to shop and bought the beautiful beads which then led me to an idea of recreating the jewelry of the past with a modern twist.  

Here is my take on the Middle Eastern jewelry!  Hope you enjoy it and find it as beautiful and fun as I do.