Handmade Jewelry and Painting

Cool Winter Special Edition
Coming soon!!!

Spring Collection 2017 is finally here!

My new collection is the product of a three month journey with the "BALC", Which is Building A Line Collection with B'Sue. It's truly the beginning of my jewelry making career and the most amazing experience of friendship, support and a mix of many creative artist around the world for me.  I'm truly blessed to be part of such a group and a new artist in the jewelry world.  Not only are they incredible people but I also consider them friends and my far away family in this field.  We all live in very different areas but the core of it all and our fearless leader Brenda makes it happen for all of us to gather as one, exchange ideas, help each other and encourage one another to grow and become a better version of ourselves.  Thanks to Brenda's dedication, knowledge, mentoring, developing and  sharing her story I can hope one day to reach my full potential and do the same for others.